Hi, i’m vanessa petronelli.

I’m an international spiritual teacher, speaker, and channeler for community global leaders and influencers.

As an entrepreneur and business owner for two decades, I have helped transform and inspire thousands of lives around the world from the inside out, powerfully helping each person to become more impeccably aligned to themselves, their missions and sacred leadership.

“Amplify Your WEALTH Frequency” Guided Meditation
I believe there is a new leader being called forward in the world.

And that new leader is YOU.

The world is READY and waiting for YOU, the heart-driven leader to embody more of WHO YOU ARE and operate from your most grounded, authentic and fullest expression.

I’m here to help you activate your entire being and take you to new levels of consciousness and awareness that will permanently shift your day-to-day life experience as a human being and leader in humanity’s transition forward.

Does it feel like something is preventing you from getting to the next level?

The next level of who you are.

The next level of your mission.

The next level of deeper awareness and greater personal and professional fulfillment while staying aligned to your soul’s path and being in integrity with your heart.


The thing that I love about Vanessa is her heart-centered devotion to service and her dedication to her spiritual practices and connection to source.
– Kat Bird


"Vanessa is a FORCE OF NATURE. I have never met a person more fearless, relentless and devoted."

She channels her innate gifts to provide tools that help her clients receive life’s most valuable gift…CLARITY. When you’re witnessing Vanessa in action, it is obvious that she is a studied professional with a gift that is out of this world. An impactful coach, a powerful speaker, a multifaceted channel, she uses her full range to ignite the greatest gifts in others. Vanessa is truly a FIRESTARTER.


Sanyika ‘The Firestarter’ Street

Performing Artist /Inspirational Speaker/Brand Spokesperson

"Vanessa’s work is truly one of a kind. It’s rare to see someone that brings the level of integrity and depth of devotion to helping others."

I was amazed by how attuned, accurate the wisdom and insights are that comes through her in such a clear and specific way, providing a roadmap that actually shows you how to create both planetary change and individual healing.

Through her private work, intimate retreats, and channeling experiences, Vanessa provides a unique gateway for awakening and transformation…especially designed for those of us who are looking to make a real difference in the world. She brings an incredible amount of love, leadership, and grace to everything that she does. I highly recommend working with her!


Kristyn Caetano

Intuitive Business Coach & Lifestyle Strategist