I believe there is a new leader being called forward in the world.
Leadership as we know it currently, isn’t working.

The world is being led too much from the mind and not enough from the heart and Soul.

And the disconnect between these three parts is why we are are in a state of crisis on our planet.

Chances are you feel the same way.

You sense the urgency within, nudging you to continuously step up and lead the the world and others in a new direction.

In order for humanity and our planet to move forward, a new generation of leaders must continue to emerge to create sustainable and positive change.

And that new leader is YOU.


You’re someone who believes that your actions (and inactions) impact not only yourself but the world around you.

You recognize that the current consciousness level is not going to be what moves the planet forward in a healthier direction.

You understand that your vibrational frequency and consciousness effects everyone around you.

And because of this, you’ve consistently invested in the power of personal and spiritual development to help you reach your highest potentiality.

You’re someone who knows that to be a trailblazer for others, requires you to be in and stay on the leading edge.

Your ideas, thoughts and belief systems are different than that of the mainstream.

You’re someone who knows you have the ability to lead and empower others through your example.

You are intuitive.
You are creative.
You are an innovator.
And you are heart-centered.

You know that you have a unique purpose to fulfill and contribution to make to the world.

And most importantly, you’re ready to take action.



For many years, I felt like I was dropped off on a planet that I didn’t belong to.

“Do others feel this way?” I would often ask myself.

I knew wasn’t like most kids.

And that I was here for a very specific and important reason.

I was fully aware as a little girl that there was much MORE beyond this earthly plane. And had a strong interest in learning about these things beyond what I was being taught in school.

But I kept this a secret from everyone. Including my very own family because I was afraid that I wouldn’t belong and would be thought of as the “weird.”

Along with playing with dolls and toys, I would find myself often speaking light language (a language not from this Earth plane) and playing with crystals with my bedroom door closed.

As a kid, I was drawn to anything related to UFOs, ancient Egypt, alien species, metaphysics and parapsychology.

And I always felt at home in the new age store near my childhood home.

Little did I know, that even as a kid, I had a strong connection with the Divine and my Spirit team.

I realized that this was why I was able to do incredible things at a young age and was referred to as an “old soul.”

Childhood friends would often seek my advice and I’d always find ways to intuitively help them with their problems without the need to go through them myself.


The “voice” was strong, audible and clear.

It told me that I belonged in the entertainment industry and that getting involved in this industry would be an important part of my life’s purpose.

I trusted this guidance immediately. Deep inside I knew that there was truth and love behind this message.

And my immediate reaction at age 14 was sheer excitement learning that this was the next part of my path.

I was inspired at the chance that I could have the ability to influence many people around the world in BIG and positive way by entering this industry.

So I listened to the voice, followed my heart and made it my mission to excel in the entertainment industry and did so for ten years.

All while still being a “normal” teenager attending high school as an honor roll student, prom queen and and then receiving a university education.

During those years…

I auditioned for and became a part of a pop group.
I was hired by North America’s top acting agent.
I started my own events and promotions company working with Fortune 500 corporations.
I walked on red carpets
I signed autographs.
I got invited to the coolest events and parties.
I worked on film sets.
I walked down runways as a model during fashion week.

I was living it up!

I was experiencing things that most people would dream about.

But the longer I was doing this work the more misaligned it felt because I wasn’t able to really speak my truth and share my fullest expression of my Soul in a way that I had once dreamed of and believed that this industry could provide me.

So I left the entertainment world, and everything that it offered, in search of doing the thing that I knew I was BORN to do on this planet.


It was during these years that I chose to commit and dive deeply into my spiritual and personal development.

I worked with many different mentors and teachers and became fully devoted to the evolution of my soul and my consciousness.

Slowly, my spiritual gifts reactivated.

I started to see auras.

I started to speak with Angels and Archangels.

I did powerful energy healing with my hands.

Energetic transmissions with my voice.

It was overwhelming but I finally felt so aligned to what I was destined to do all along.

I got my yoga and mindfulness certification, did a post-grad and built my business from the ground up.


I finally realized what my real mission was – to help people to connect to the essence of who they are. To fully align with that part of themselves and share that with the world in the in the way that is most true for them.

I started to work with many leaders, artists, visionaries, entrepreneurs and influencers from all walks of life. I offered online and offline classes, workshops, retreats, and one to one work.

As more and more people came to seek my help, I realized I needed to break through my shell to be able to change more lives on a global level.


Through my personal method called “Quantum Coaching,” I’m able to help create expedited breakthroughs – transformation processes that would normally take six months now take hours to complete.

I’m able to do this with the help of my Spirit Team (a group of celestial, pristine beings of pure love and light), my Oversoul and my loving, strategic guides called the ‘Pleiadians.’

When I channel the guidance and energy of these sacred, loving beings, I combine this with over fifteen years of personal and spiritual work I have done both personally and professionally.

Through this work, you become a more fulfilled human being that’s aligned and integrating your sacred Divine Self and mission.


Today, I realize why I was born here – to be able to help you activate your deepest gifts, your most authentic voice and fullest expression, so you can impact, serve and inspire more people, more powerfully than ever before.

If you’re ready to dive in with me, take a look at how we can work together.

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