To become the next generation leader requires you to strengthen and harness a deeper level of trust, inner knowing, awareness and faith.

It requires the integration and full alignment to your Soul, mind, emotions, body and energy field to execute and impact most effectively.

Let me help you!

Quantum Alignment Activation

Quantum Alignment Activation sessions are an opportunity for you to experience a profound and powerful conversation, receive higher consciousness guidance and energy activations from my Spirit guides and galactic counterparts, The Pleiadians.

You will also have the opportunity to receive a Quantum Coaching session by Vanessa for deeper integration and guidance after your activation session with The Pleiadians.

There is no question that goes unanswered by these beings of pure love and light. Their only desire is to serve and support you in the most loving and direct way by meeting you with where you’re at.

The benefits of this session are:


An accelerated reframe, shift and deeper understanding about yourself, your journey, mission and gifts.


Resolve and understand any pressing issues, mental, emotional or physical blocks, limiting beliefs and fears that traditional coaching, healing or therapy have been unable to do.


Receive clear strategy, direction and guidance around what you are currently creating, desiring or working toward in your personal and professional life.


A powerful energy alignment activation and healing to clear away any stagnant and stuck energy so you can come into precise alignment with your body and Soul.


A sense of lightness, ease, connection to the Universe and a deeper appreciation for your overall human experience.


Understanding and receiving the next steps to apply the sessions into your everyday life on a personal and/or professional level.

“If you’re sitting out there thinking, ‘Should I work with Vanessa or not?’ I say, ‘DO IT!’ It will be the best thing you’ve ever done.”
– Paula Jordan

Included in the Quantum Alignment Activation:


One, two-hour quantum alignment activation session over ZOOM with video recording.


A protocol form to prepare for the session before, during and afterward to yield best results.


Practices given by The Pleiadians and Vanessa to integrate and implement after the sessions.


One 60-minute integration and Quantum Coaching session over the phone with Vanessa one week after the activation session for added support.



I went through years of some intense non-duality spiritual training and practice. My experience from Vanessa’s channeling work was like reviewing all those years in one sitting! As a spiritual healer myself, Vanessa has helped me reconnect and recalibrate many of my own choices moving forward. ~Joe Gacoscos. Author, Healer and Psychic Development Teacher at True Insights Psychic Development & Empowerment

Vanessa’s galactic channeling is like no other transmission on the planet right now. Specifically, the vocal toning transmission segments of her channeling stream galactic energies in a way I’ve never seen before. It’s an experience that drives lower vibrational energies out and creates a frequency field that allows the physical body to come into resonance with that higher vibrational energetic. The result is a body that’s more capable of holding higher frequencies, in deeper alignment with the sovereign and empowered iterations of the self.

Being a galactic channel myself, it’s exciting for me to see this unique transmission being brought to the world in this way. It is of my deep belief that Galactic Contact is one of the most precise paths towards self-actualization we have on the planet today, and Vanessa is an impeccable ambassador of the messages and frequencies that the Galactics are bringing to Earth to assist in this way. ~David Hrostoski, CEO of Indivinus

Wow! Thank you so much for such a powerful experience. I really resonated with the energy and feeling it come through in your feminine form. I loved your energy in bringing the channeled messages through. It was very comforting to me, more so than my other channeling experiences. I also really loved the engagement and the energy clearing. Thank you so much for the work you are doing and for bringing this through. ~Erinn McMurtrie, Transformational Coach & Artist

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